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Investment Fund Universe

Free resources to help you navigate Ireland's fund industry

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Investment Fund Navigator

Navigating business complexity.

The old way involves a lot of searching to validate simple but important information about fund industry participants. Fund Elements is working on a new way to allow you explore each fund business and verify information to source registers. 


Every organisation and the role it plays in the Funds industry with a link to their website's home page

Legal Entities

The legal structure behind each fund organisation clearly identifying each legal entity.


Authorizations held by each legal entity linked to the page on the register of the Regulatory Authority 


Statutory Registrations for each Legal Entity with links to the Register to validate status.

Fund Legal Structures

Verifiable sources

Fund Navigator is an expandable tree view to help you explore the legal structure of each participant in the Fund's industry. It includes links for each legal entity to help you quickly validate information to verifiable sources.

“The Fund Navigator is far more than a directory or search engine. It helps you to understand the role played by each fund organisation, their structure and key relationships. It allows you to validate information and understand context.”

Investment Fund Legal Advisor

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