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Value First Pricing

Progressive pricing by fund legal entity

The pricing structure is designed to prove value and help fund businesses of all sizes from launching your first fund to running the operations of a global multi-fund manager.

An all inclusive price by fund legal entity ensures access to your fund's Digital Operating Model for everyone who needs to know including outsource partners.

Essentials (Free)
Pilot (Single Fund)
Essentials (Free)

FREE - a meaningful Operating Model delivered in two weeks

First step is to setup your secure workspace on our App and provide you with a copy of our pre-built processes and controls for Investment Funds. We review your current documentation and capture all of your key dependencies, your people, systems and service providers, and cross referenced them to the processes they perform. Next we build your Organization (your legal entities) and your Books and Records, linking each entry to your setup documents and external resources.

At the end of the first week, we invite your team members to the workspace and setup a demo to validate the results and introduce the functionality. The end result is a meaningful Operating Model for your fund with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for each person, system and service provide in an interactive App packed with functionality to help you manage your day to day operations.

Pilot (Single Fund)

€500 per month - end to end operating model for one fund

The Essentials Operating Model provides you with an end to end view of your fund and all of its key people, system and service provider dependencies. It is a proof of concept that will allow your teams to assess the value of a clearly documented operating model and experience the functionality available in the App.

Once you are happy with the results, we will then work with you to build a pilot Operating Model for one of your funds that will be used as your standard operating model. 

A pilot implementation is a more detailed view of your fund's operations. It will capture all of the fund's Reference Data, fully cross reference the fund's Books and Records to source documents and capture the fund's operating schedule. The end result is a fully documented operating model with your fund's processes and controls, reference data and service level agreements in an App that all of your people, system and service providers can access.

Enterprise (Multi-fund)

Quote with Statement of Work - all of your funds

The pilot implementation delivers your Standard Operating Model. It provides a foundation that allows you to build out an Enterprise Operating Model to capture all of the dependencies for all of your funds.

The objective of an Enterprise implementation is to identify all of your processes and controls as well as the key dependencies, Books and Records and Reference Data for all of your funds and provide this information in a single App.

An Enterprise implementation is a multi-fund view of your operations that allows you to report across funds and processes on any setup attributes that are capture as Reference Data (Domicile, Fund Type, Legal Entity Type, Service Provider, etc). It ensures that all teams have quick and easy access to the setup data required to run your Operations.  

Centre of Excellence

Quote and statement of work - Enterprise Business Process Architecture

The benefits of documenting a Fund's end to end Operating Model has already been recognized in many of the larger Global Fund Businesses through the establishments of Centers of Excellence. These are often associated with Technology and Training teams or with the need to manage outsource service providers.

For larger Enterprises, Fund Elements approach is focused on building a modelling competency based on a recognized methodology for documenting business processes that has been proven for more that 20 years.

Our recommended approach for larger enterprises, is to complete an Essentials and Pilot implementation to help you build a consensus with existing teams members on the benefits delivered. To achieve an Enterprise (Multi Fund) Operating Model we focus on training your existing teams on the process methodology, the functionality available in the App and providing you with updates on changes to Fund Elements pre-built processes and Controls.

Enterprise (Multi-fund)
Centre of Excellence
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