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Unify your Fund's technology

Process Automation - Select, Develop, Configure and Protect

Sustainable Process Automation

IT starts with requirements

The old way involves lots of Apps each doing their own thing. The new way is unified where Apps are aligned to your funds requirements and designed to work together to support your operating lifecycle. 


System functionality evaluated against clearly documented business requirements


Setup data managed as an agnostic resource with clearly defined system impacts


System development connected to user feedback and validated by gap analysis


System dependency trees with impact analysis to safeguard operational resilience

Point of Use Feedback

User Experience

Everyone understands the importance of  user experience. Collecting point of use feedback and connecting it to requirements and user stories creates a unified view to your DevOps lifecycle management.

Points of Failure

Digital Operational Resilience

The wide range of systems available today to support your fund's operations can result in unknown interdependencies. Changing one element without knowing the potential impact may lead to significant business disruption.

  • High quality Standard Operating Procedures that define business requirements

  • Vendor Analysis to evaluate and compare functionality to against requirements

  • Transparent vendor selection process to ensure value for money

  • Cloud accessibility to enable vendor self-assessment supported by in-app chat

  • Cross referencing of support documentation and external evaluations

  • Reference Data Management

  • Single managed resource for Operations and Technology teams

  • Cloud accessibility for external Service Provider system setup 

  • Matrix linking Process activities to Reference Data

  • System to Reference Data Dependency Tree

  • Point of use help and user feedback linking user interfaces and business processes

  • User feedback linked to change requests

  • User Stories providing a full view of change requests from multiple personas

  • JIRA integration for DevOps technical teams

  • Configurable status points for change lifecycle management

  • Release definition to consolidate multiple changes into a single project

  • Enterprise controls - audit trial, version management

  • System to Process Matrix

  • System Objects Dependency Tree

  • Meta Data Management

  • Security Access Model

  • Single Point of Failure Analysis

  • Business Continuity Matrix

“The number of solutions available and the flexibility they offer, shifts the focus to knowing what you want and managing your fund's setup data to ensure consistency across all of your systems”

Chief Technology Officer - Quantatitive Fund Manager

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