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Chief Operating Officer

Managed Company

I can see how the solution helps me ensure that the Fund's Books and Records are immediately retrievable in line with Regulatory requirements (Central Bank of Ireland CP86).

Change Managements Director, Multi Fund Manager

If we had this for all 600 of our Investment Funds assessing the impact of change would be quick and easy.

Chief Operating Office

Hedge Fund

I now know why I was so busy   - there's so much that needs doing and this is a fine representation of it.  Helps present oneself  as a thoughtful  and measured operator.


A standard built on industry wide collaboration



Investment Managers are focused on identifying and executing investment strategies aligned to Investor needs. They care about Investment Operations but understand that to achieve efficiency and scale, they need to outsource operations to service providers. Investment Operations is complex, there are many moving parts to co-ordinate. FUSION focuses on the end to end operational needs of Managers operating in a multi-fund environment. It provides a single view of every dependency for all funds across all services providers. Fund Elements solutions are for Investment Managers who appreciate that transparency drives quality and lowers operational risk.

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Service Providers are aligned to the needs of their clients but have a different focus. They specialize in a functional area of operational activity to drive efficiency and quality of service. There are boundaries and hand offs. Its about meeting client needs, its about people, processes and automation. There are a different set of challenges resulting from operational silos and a need for awareness of the downstream impact of operational decisions. Fund Elements partners with Service Providers who want a closer more transparent relationship with their clients.

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Cloud or On-premise? Best of breed or platform? Buy or SaaS? FinTech or EstablishedSelecting the technology to run an Investment Fund isn't easy. Will the client go with a subjective recommendation based on experience, an objective evaluation based on requirements or most likely a combination of both? Fund Elements partners with Solution Providers who want a level playing field to demonstrate the depth of their capabilities and a digitally engaged user base setting the road-map for future releases.



Industry wide collaboration is already an established practice for Investment Funds. It is recognized that raising standards is a collective responsibility and that shared issues are best dealt with at an industry level with a single voice. Fund Elements is collaborative and partners with progressive Industry Representative bodies and Regulators who want to bring new collaborative tools and resources to their members.

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Learning objectives are the building blocks of education and training. The Investment Fund Digital Operating Model acts as a competency framework for Investment Operations Professionals. It uses a structured methodology to define business and learning outcomes for each of the day to day operational tasks. Fund Elements partners with Education and Training providers who want to align course content with the applied skills required by Investment Operations Professionals and Businesses.

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Independent Consultants and Directors play a valuable role in governing and advising Investment Funds. They can have wide experience of the funds industry and a network of relationship to call on or act as subject matter experts with deep expertise. Fund Elements partners with Independent Consultants and Directors who want a standard framework in which to operate that connects the Governance and Investment Operations Teams.    

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