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Books and Records Register

Fund Elements Books and Records Register makes the simple and important information you need to run your Investment Fund quick and easy to access.

The Books and Records Register contains an entry for each item that constitutes your fund's Books and Records and is available to everyone who needs to know.


Each entry is linked to the physical location where the document is securely stored. The Register records key information about each entry that is required to manage it - who needs to be involved in updates, who is responsible for signing off changes, how frequently should the document be reviewed and how long should it be kept.


The Register is connected to all of the relevant processes in your digital operating model so the next time you need to make your Books and Records available to your Auditor, to an Investor or the Regulatory they are immediately retrievable.


For more information on how the Fund Elements Books and Records Register makes simple and important information, quick and easy for your Operations Team, click the More Information button and complete the How can we help you? form.

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