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Performance Fee Operational Practices

45 Minute Lunch and Learn with Alan Barry

Discover how to analyse the most complex performance fee calculations across multiple funds and service providers with the agile business analysis app.

Fund Registers

Fund Regisers
Books & Records Register

The Books and Records Register makes access to your Investment Fund most critical document quick and easy.

Data Dependency  Register

The Data Dependency Register identifies where all of the Investment Funds data is physically located.

Operational Risk 

The Operational Risk Register provides a single view that connects your Governance and Operational Teams. 


“If we had this for all 600 of our Investment Funds assessing the impact of change would be quick and easy.”

Director of Change Management
Multi Fund Manager

Joined up thinking, find out more?

Funds Elements uses a process centric approach to connect all of your Investment Fund's operational activity. Click the More Information button below and complete the form to gain an insight into how Fund Elements connects the oversight activities of the Investment Fund's Governance Team with the detailed tasks of your Operational Teams.

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