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INVESTMENT FUNDS: 5 Steps to identify high risk processes and make them safe.

Fund Elements provides InFORM, an Investment Fund Operational Risk Management solution, that identifies high risk processes and makes them safe. Our objective is to help you eliminate operational errors.

Go to to find out more about InFORM's benefits and to sign up for a 14 Day Free Trial.

Just one operational error can destroy your credibility resulting in financial loss, reputational damage and significant re-work.

Operational errors also provide evidence to Regulators that you have not implemented an appropriate governance and risk management framework.

They indicate non-compliance with Regulatory requirements and demonstrate a lack of organisational effectiveness.

InFORM allows you to get to grips with operational errors and applies a 5-step approach to identify high-risk processes and make them safe.

Regulatory enforcement and fines have been flagged in advance and are now a reality.

The choice is yours – continue with a reactive approach or present your business as a professional, thoughtful and measured operator.

Let’s make operational errors a thing of the past.

For more information on InFORM's functionality, the 5 Steps to Make High Risk Processes Safe and the 3 Implementation Plans options go to


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